I am a Linux user since when you had to run startx.
Turned into a full stack integrator, complying with the definitions.

I started programming in C, then the discovery of GNU/Linux brings me involved in programming, system administration, IOT, backend and frontend development, build engineering.

I take care of DevOps practices like infrastructure as code, agile programming, continuous integration; I like to stay tuned on trending open source technologies.

## Toolbox:
A Terminal multiplexer, Fedora | OsX, OpenSSH, Ansible, Vim, NetCat, NetData, JetBrains Toolbox, Atom, Vim, Git & GitFlow, Vagrant & Docker, readthedocs & stackoverflow.

## Confessions:
✔ I fall in love with the Django framework
✔ I'm an open-source evangelist
✔ I still delight with the breadboard, oscilloscope, and welder
✔ I need at least a weekly ride on my Vespa